Hi, I'm Alex.

Image by Debbie Lemonte

I'm a programmer with a passion for work that has real-world impact.

Currently, I build product at Newsela, a company focused on fostering literacy by tailoring real-world content to students' individual reading levels.

I came to coding after an award-winning career in journalism, where I structured online conversations around international politics.

Now in tech, I'm ever-learning new programming techniques and technologies and pride myself on the usefulness and philosophical integrity of my work. In the past four years, I've worked on a variety of modern web stacks, from an open-source design system in React to a greenfield Rails application to help code schools better track student outcomes.

When I'm not thinking about good object-oriented programming patterns, I spend a lot of time thinking about secular space and discourse, bias detection, and the ethics of communicating "othered" experiences.

Ask me about any of the following to see my entire face light up:

📰 the award-winning live television show I helped produce for Al Jazeera English
🐟 travel recommendations in Tunisia
🌽 progressive organizing in Nebraska
📚 the failed book club curriculum I designed for my (then) nine-year-old sister
🥘 Afghan food
🎸 Willie Mae Rock Camp